I have always had very dry skin. No cream I’ve tried before has come close to ASL’s in moisturizing and nourishing my skin.  I thought I’d only use it in the winter months, but I use it year-round!

Angelina G, Brooklyn, NY


Truly the most beautiful cream I have ever tried.  My skin feels amazing and the light but gorgeous smell and texture are delicious.  Wonderful make up base as well.  Truly brilliant. 

Dorothy B, London, UK

Before, I would have said that my skin was really good at holding grudges. It neither forgave nor forgot. Now that I'm using ASL, I'd describe my skin as resilient and even aglow. Not bad for a mid-to-late thirties face accustomed to sun exposure and brow-furrowing. Also, as someone who's sensitive to fragrance, I appreciate that the scent is mild and pure. I'd recommend ASL to anyone who wants to take better care of their skin.

Colleen K, Orlando, FL

ASL has become my “go to” cream.  I don’t need a separate eye cream or neck cream.  I use it in the morning and before bed, all over my face and décolletage.  It’s made a huge difference – my skin is always looking its best.

Christine M, Hoboken, NJ


I was skeptical at first because ASL is such a rich cream (I was afraid it would be too greasy for me) but my skin virtually inhaled it!  It absorbs quickly and my skin instantly feels refreshed and supple. 

Karen S, Columbus, OH


I’ve tried every cream out there for my very sensitive skin.  ASL is effective without irritating my skin, even under my eyes.  I gave it to my mother-in-law, whose skin is “mature” and it works really well for her too.  Maybe I found the silver bullet!

Liz C, Sacramento, CA