Artisanal Science Labs – A Beauty Product Company

Artisanal Science Labs began as a family recipe meticulously perfected over the years by my great grandmother, grandmother and mother.  ASL’s unique formulation is a labor of love – a perfect coupling of scientific research and holistic methods, with a pinch of family drama.

Started by my grandmother, Margarita, who headed the R&D division of the largest cosmetics company in the former Soviet Union, ASL™ was her “extra-curricular” project, a way to integrate her vast professional knowledge of chemical engineering with innovative techniques that were too cutting-edge for her employer.  In addition to being a brilliant scientist, Margarita was and is the kind of woman I can only aspire to be – always put together, always with a manicure, and most importantly, always with perfect, luminous skin without ever resorting to cosmetic surgery or even using less invasive Botox and fillers.

Enter her mother-in-law, my great grand-mother, Anna.  What she lacked in formal education, she made up in unparalleled savviness and knowledge of family relics.  She made it her life’s mission to slow down the aging process and religiously followed a secret skin care routine.  Anna managed to preserve her beauty even while imprisoned in brutal conditions in Stalinist Russia. 

Although there was no love lost between the two women, Anna recognized the opportunity to improve and expand her skin care treatments by partnering with Margarita in creating the perfect formula.   Anna’s know-how of using bone marrow as an essential element in nourishing skin cells and Margarita’s scientific expertise are bottled in each container of ASL™. 

Many years later and thousands of miles away from its birthplace, ASL™ is now produced by my mom, Maya, in micro batches in Brooklyn.  My seven year-old daughter, Maddie, helps out with packing the bottles. And here we are, five generations of women, some of whom don’t even share the same language, sharing our passion and our family secret with you. 

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