Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and it’s making me think of turkey… turkey neck.  What a visual.  As young girls, we often take our necks for granted.  I was always aware of the length of one’s neck, but never paid much attention to the skin.  That is until my sophomore year, when a fellow student in a large, lecture-type class pointed out something about our professor.  She was the kind of woman you could mistake for a young girl from behind.  Fit and trim and well-dressed, one can only dream of looking that youthful at her age (she must have been sixty something). The guy next to me, no supermodel himself, made a remark about the professor that changed the way I looked at necks forever.  He turned to me and said “She may think she looks young and act young, but her neck gives it away.  Nothing she can do about that.”  He didn’t mean to be critical or to speak negatively of her; he just made an observation and stated a fact – a fact I found to be quite upsetting.  This woman clearly cared about her appearance and probably went to great lengths to look as good as she did.  All that was instantly demolished by some 20 year old shmuck in row 15.  I instantly hated him on behalf of all women, but I also knew that he was right. 

turkey neck.jpg

I researched ways to keep your neck and jaw line youthful – did you know that you can actually exercise your neck (just look at the hundreds of tutorials on Youtube)? Seems like overkill, but I bet it makes a difference.  There are also some simple lifestyle changes you can make to combat those neck rings that seem to appear overnight:  stop looking down at your phone all the time.  Tilting your head down for hours will certainly leave a lasting mark.  Use sunscreen. And don’t forget to moisturize and take care of it as often and as much as you take care of your face.  Make applying ASL on your neck part of your nightly skincare routine.  You can use ASL as face, neck and eye cream.  As Maddie would say, “easy peasy lemon squeezie” - skincare doesn’t get easier that. And for that, I am thankful