Is It Spring Yet?

I can’t wait for the spring to be here.  I mean…we’ve had a few picturesque winter wonderland-type days, but the rest is getting old.  I am trying to will the reluctant spring into coming sooner by wearing weather inappropriate clothing - you know, like the pseudo coat that doesn’t zip or button, but is pink and super cute.  I also bought daffodils that weren’t even close to opening and hoped they’d blossom at home (most did). I’ve been ever so careful not to complain about the chilly weather and bare trees to my husband, lest he bring up moving to a warmer climate.  The truth is, I love New York!   I’ll just have to suck it up for a little while longer. The good news is that my skin doesn’t have to wait for warm weather to look alive.  I’ve kept up a religious regimen of ASL+sunscreen, and my skin has been on its best behavior this winter.

Here is one more attempt into luring the spring to the frigid northeast.  15% off all purchases of ASL through March 22.  Use the Code SPRING2019.