Not By Bread Alone or "Humble Brag"


Do you know what home baked bread has to do with Artisanal Science Labs face cream?  Almost nothing.  Almost…

I am super surprised that it came out – a baker I am not. My kids love baking with me and don’t care too much when it doesn’t look great at the end. What they care about is that we make it at home, with our own hands, with ingredients we know, together.

Whereas I secretly longed for lunchables at their age, my kids look forward to the chicken soup they bring to school in their thermoses. They don’t care about brands or fleeting fads; they truly prefer quality, one of a kind items. Rewind to my childhood and I would have gladly traded a hand-knitted sweater my mom made with love and great skill for some fast fashion sweatshirt.  I am so proud and happy that they have they are better than I was.

Though I was older, I learned that having my own opinions, based on experience and facts, and not on groupthink, is critical.  I understood that quality and craftsmanship are not inherent in well-packaged, broadly marketed products.  I realized the value of knowing where your items come from, who is behind the brand, and what their values are.  I learned that nothing great happens quickly or comes easily.  Better late than never, right?

These lessons are in each bottle of ASL.  We make our face cream in micro batches, with great care and attention to detail, effective ingredients, a proprietary formula, and a lot of love.